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School Is Out! Wishing our students a safe and happy summer!
Our Student Resource Officers, A. Krotine (left) and D. Lopez (right) are so proud of our recent Laguna Beach High School graduates! We hope everyone has a wonderful summer!

2024 New Member Alert!
Here are some pictures of two of our newest members who have successfully passed training in the early months of 2024! On the left is Park Ranger J. Zenk and on the right is Officer A. Meyer. If you see them around, please do not hesitate to say hello! Congratulations on such a big accomplishment, gentlemen!

PORAC Symposium 2024
Four of our board members attended the Police Officers Research Association of California (PORAC) Symposium in Las Vegas, NV. They were able to make connections with board members from different departments from all over California. The topics range from the following: -Returning to the Fight: An Officer's Perspective on PTSD Recovery -Duty to Intercede -Retire, Reinvigorate, and Repurpose: Designing the Next Chapter. Laguna Beach PEA Board Members were proud to represent our organizati...

Dispatch Training
Did you know that our dispatch center is the only one that dispatches for Police, Fire, and Marine Safety?! This is a picture of some of our dispatchers after their joint briefing for Summer Training!

National Police Week 2024
This past week, some of our members attended National Police Week in Washington D.C. These events draw law enforcement employees from all across the country to honor the fallen officers. This picture was taken at the Candle Light Vigil that took place this past Monday.

LBPD Shop with a Cop
On Tuesday, December 13th, 12 students selected from the Laguna Beach Unified School District were treated to a fun day of holiday gift shopping followed by lunch and games at the Irvine Spectrum. Each student was partnered with a member of the Laguna Beach Police Department and given an envelope of spending money provided by the Laguna Beach Police Employees’ Association and SchoolPower, a Laguna Beach Education Foundation. The day started with breakfast and a tour of the Laguna Beach Police...

Please join us in supporting prostate cancer research
The Laguna Beach Police department is participating in the Grow & Give fundraiser to do our part to support prostate cancer research. We are asking for your help to support our effort.  Click here to donate YOUR GROW & GIVE PARTICIPATION SUPPORTS: Patient Support ZERO's patient-centric programs directly help patients and their families financially and emotionally and provide education and access to free testing. Research Together, we will end this disease. ZERO helps secure a...

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