Dispatcher Steven McDowell

Steven Mcdowell2

Today, we are honored to introduce to you Dispatcher Steven McDowell! Steven is an Orange County native and has been with LBPD for 17 years, 14 of those as a dispatcher extraordinaire! We love our Steven, and we wish there were more of him in this world! Keep reading to learn more about Dispatcher Steven McDowell.

Why do you choose to work in Laguna Beach?
- I chose Laguna because there was an opening and there was an opportunity, but I stay because I love the people I work with. I'm with my coworkers more than my actual family that these coworkers become friends, then after years of trust & laughter, they become more than friends. And even though certain friends depart, you still stay in contact like they never left. 🧡🖤 But I do wish we had windows.

What is the best part of being a 911 dispatcher?
- Several things. 1st and foremost is helping people. I know that sounds like a generic answer, but that is the truth. We get endless calls regarding a lot of nonsense, but I sincerely love helping people that need help. At times this job is emotionally draining, but it's worth it when someone gets the help they need. Another thing is the camaraderie & friendships that are built within this organization. I have so much respect & love for my coworkers (friends).

Do you ever think your parents gave you the wrong name?
- Oh god, yes. I don't know what I look like, but Steven doesn't suit me. If someone I don't know calls me Steve, I get a sour puss face. That's an older man's name. I may be over 40 & yes, I am balding, but don't call me Steve. Some of my friends call me Stevie or PAL.

Steven is selfless, caring, trustworthy, and genuine. He cares deeply for people without prejudice or judgment, and we're so fortunate to have him. Thank you, Steven, for your service to our Laguna Beach Community.


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